of the Commemorative Air Force


The purposes for which the Commemorative Air Force is organized are patriotic, educational, and civic, and shall include:


To preserve, in flying condition, a collection of combat aircraft which were flown by all military services of the United States in World War II.




To perpetuate in the memory and hearts of all Americans the spirit in which these great planes were flown in the defense of our nation.




To acquire museum buildings for  permanent protection and display of these aircraft as a tribute to the thousands of men and women who built, serviced, and flew them.




To display, in a museum setting, various other World War II and vintage artifacts that tell the story of the heroism and sacrifice necessary to guarantee the prolonged freedom of our country we all enjoy.




To expand this organization with people having the dedication, enthusiasm and esprit de corps necessary to keep, maintain and preserve these aircraft and artifacts as symbols of our American military heritage.

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